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Liste over motorer fra Perkins

Liste over Perkins koder
Famile Motor referansenr Typekode Sylindre Ytelse Boring x Slag Slagvolum Drivstoff Produksjonstid Notat
AA 4.40 1004.4 / 1004.40 100 x 127 3,99 L Also sold as the Phaser 90, it has 90 hp (67 kW; 91 PS). Also known as 4.40
AB T4.40 1004.40T
AC C4.40 1004.40T
AD CC4.40 1004.40TW With intercooler, sold as the Phaser 120Ti. Also known as C4.40
AE FCC4.40 1004.40 Federal emissions
AF G4.40 Bensin
AG H4.40 1004.40 Horisontal
AH TH4.40 1004.40T
AJ 4.401 1004.40
AK T4.401 1004.40T
AL CCA4.401 1004.40TA
AM CCW4.401 1004.40T
AP N4.401 1004.40 Narrow front end
AQ TN4.401 1004.40T
AR 4.421 1004.42 Sold to HYSTER corp. for use in small to medium lift trucks.
AS H4.421 1004.42
AT CCAN4.401 1004.40TA
BA 4.20 Produced as a joint venture between Perkins, UK government and the then Austin Rover Group. Based on the Austin Rover O-series

engine this engine had major parts produced at Longbridge by Austin Rover with final assembly by Perkins. It was entirely designed by

Perkins who also sold it to external customers. It was used by Austin Rover in the and by LDV Limited in their 2.5 tonne van.

BB T4.20 As with the 4.20. Used by Austin Rover in the Montego and later the Maestro.
CA P3 3 Diesel 11/1953 - 03/1967 Engine serial is a seven digit number beginning with 1000251. 67433 engines were produced. Uses a timing chain.
F3 3 Diesel 08/1957 - 10/1964 Built for Ford, with Simms injector pump. (Ford supplied all the block and head castings).
CB 3.144
CC P3.144 3 2,4 L / 144 in³ Diesel 03/1957 - 05/1965 Family type is CC. 2691 United Kingdom built engines and 454 France built engines were produced for Massey Ferguson 30346 were produced for other customers.
CD 3.152 3.152 Used in many Lincoln brand mobile welders.
F3.152 3 2,5 L / 154 in³ Diesel 02/1962 - 09/1964 No family type. Built for Ford (Ford supplied the block & head castings) 64,496 made. Fitted to the Supper Dexta
CE D3.152 D3.152 Direct injection versions of earlier 3.152 engine types. Produced for Massey Ferguson and other customers including Volvo (tractors)
CF G3.152 G3.152 G denotes "gas" or " gasolene" version. Spark ignition variant of D3152 produced for common installation in Fork lift truck where D3152 engine was specified.
CG P3.152
CJ 3.1522 Development of D3152 using Perkins "squish lip" piston to give improved driveability of engine in emissions sensitive applications such as Fork Lift.
CM 3.1524 3.152.4 Uprated D3152 engine. Board decision named this engine .4 despite no .3 ever existing due to recent launch of 6.354.4 and its success.
CN T3.1524 T3.152.4 Turbocharged version of 3.152.4. Initially used by Lindner, later by Massey Ferguson.
CP 3.27 903-27
CR T3.27 903-27T
CS 903-25
CT G3.27 903-27S
DC 1103C-33
DD 1103C-33T
DE 1103C-33TA
DF 1103B-33
DG 103B-33T
DJ 1103A-33
DK 1103A-33T
EA 4.99 4 1.6 L / 99 in³ Diesel Wet sleeves, used in London Taxis.
EB 4.107 107.5 in³ (1.8 L) Diesel Wet sleeves. Commonly used in marine applications.
EC T4.107 4 107.5 in³ (1.8 L) Diesel Very rare (perhaps never produced) Turbo, Våte foringer
ED 4.108 4 108 in³ (1,760 cm³) Diesel Dry sleeves. Used extensively in vans and cars, Ford Transit, Opel Blitz, Bedford CA, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Seat 131, Alfa Romeo F12/A12. An evolution of the 4.99 and 4.107. Almost 500,000 engines produced between the 4.99, 4.107 and 4.108. Also used extensively in marine applications, farm equipment and Mustang/OMC skid-steer loaders.
GA 4.154 4 154 in³ Designed with sister engine 6.231 but only produced by licencee Toyo Kogyo (Mazda). Later developed into 4.165/6.247 family.
GB 4.135 Based on 4.154.Produced only by Toyo Kogyo. (Mazda) Variant used in '82-'84 B2200 trucks and in '83-'84 Ford Ranger Diesels. Pushrod, dry sleeves and gear drive
GC 4.182 Based on 4.154. Produced only by Toyo Kogyo (Mazda)
GD 4.25
GE 4.30
GK 403D-15
GL 403D-15T
GN 404D-22
GP 404D-22T
GR 404D-22TA
GS 403D-17
GS 403D-17
GU 403A-15
GV 404A-22
HA 4.165 4 Based on 4.154. Assembled by Perkins in Hannover for VW LT van, and by Enasa in Spain for various vehicles including the Nissan Patrol (as the MD27)
HL 403C-15
HM 403C-17
HP 404C-22
HR 404C-22T
JA P4 4 Diesel 06/1937 - 05/1967 97390 engines were produced.
JB 4.192 4 192 cu. in. (3.1 L) Diesel 05/1958 - 02/1972 Forkammer. Used in the MF 65 mk.1 tractor.
JC P4.192
JD 4.203 4 203 cu. in. Diesel
L4 4 10/1952 - 07/1961 Commonly used in agricultural applications. No family type. Regarded as grandfather to later Perkins 4.236
JE D4.203 Four-cylinder, 203 cu. in. direct-injection diesel engine. Used in the MF 65 mk.2 and MF 165 mk.1 tractors.
JF G4.203 Bensin
JG 4.2032
LA 4.212 4 212 in³ (3.5 L) Diesel Essentially, a 4.236 with a smaller stroke.
LC Prototype This family type was reserved for a 224 in³ version of the 4.236, but never entered production.
LD 4.236 4 3,9 L / 236 in³ Diesel
LE G4.236 4 3,9 L / 236 in³ Gass Propan
LF 4.248 4 4,1 L / 248 in³ Diesel En 4.236 med større boring
LG 4.2482 4 This development of the 4.236 series was designed to use the Perkins "squish lip" piston which gave emissions benefits although had lower specific output compared to conventional direct injection engines. It was used in fork lift applications as an alternative to the smaller swept volume 4.236.
LH C4.236 4 236 in³ (3.9 L) "Compensated" (lightly turbocharged) diesel engine.
LJ T4.236 4 236 in³ (3.9 L) Turboladet
LM 4.41
Family Type Code Engine Ref Number Cylinders Capacity Production Dates Notes
NA 4.270 Four cylinder 270 in³ (4.4 L) diesel engine 12/1958 - 04/1974
NB 4.300 Four cylinder 300 in³ (4.9 L) diesel engine
NC 4.318 Four cylinder 318 in³ (5.2 L) diesel engine
ND 4.3182
RA 6.247 Straight 6 Cyl Normally aspirated diesel, only ever fitted to Dodge 50 range in the UK also known as the 'Black' perkins engine
PA P6 Six cylinder diesel engine 01/1938 - 04/1961
PB 6.288 Six cylinder 288 in³ (4.7 L) 1960-04 to 1964-01
PC 6.305 1959-03 to 1970-02 Six cylinder, 305 in³ (5.0 L) diesel engine.
none C.305 1958-06 to 1961-05. No information.
none 6.306 1965-12 to 1975-12. Six cylinder, 306 in³ (5.0 L) diesel engine.
none S6 1939-05 to 1962-10 Six cylinder diesel engine.
TC 6.354 Six cylinder 354 in³ (5.8 L) Diesel engine.
TD H6.354 Six cylinder 354 in³ (5.8 L) Horizontal diesel engine. A slant engine, used in marine applications. Very rare, used in marine applications.
TE T6.354 Six cylinder 354 in³ (5.8 L) Turbocharged diesel engine.
TF HT6.354 Six cylinder 354 in³ (5.8 L) Horizontal turbocharged diesel engine. Very rare.
TG 6.3541
TH T6.3541
TJ 6.3542
TU T6.3544
XA V8.510 V-8 510 in³ (8.4 L) diesel engine
XB TV8.510 V-8 510 in³ (8.4 L) turbocharged diesel engine
XC V8.540 V-8 540 in³ (8.8 L) diesel engine
XD TV8.540 V-8 540 in³ (8.8 L) turbocharged diesel engine
ZA V8.640 V-8 10,5 L / 640 in³
ZB TV8.640 V-8 10,5 L / 640 in³ v
none T12 Twelve cylinder diesel engine Two banks of six cylinders arranged in a V . Produced for marine use during the war. Perkins used one on a stand by generator at the factory which is now in preservation.