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1919 - Gulowsen Grei Engine Co, Seattle
Gulowsens motorer produsert i Seattle benyttet marinegear fra Joes Famous Reverse Gear

For det norske firma A. Gulowsen se her

Gulowsen Grei Engine Co.

Gulowsen opprettet en fabrikk i Seattle i 1918 for å betjene det amerikanske markedet med Grei-motorer. Noen onde tunger mener at det var fordi Skandia gjorde det samme, og at han ikke ønsket å være dårligere. Men det skal sies at det var en stor koloni med norske fiskere og redere i området rundt Seattle, som allerede kjente Grei motorene, og som kjøpte motorer fra Norge.

Fabrikken gikk forøvrig ganske dårlig, siden Gulowsen måtte være både i Oslo og i Seattle, og reisetiden var noe lengre i 1919 en det er i dag. Og fabrikken ble lagt ned to år etter at den åpnet.

I tillegg ble det opprettet et salgskontor i New York, for markedsføring av motorene langs østkysten.

Motorene ble ofte omtalt som "GG"

Heavy Oil Engine Factory The Gulowsen Grei Engine Company of Seattle, Washington, was incorporated with a paid-up capital and surplus of $760,000. The plant, costing $700,000, is equipped entirely with the most modern and up-to-date machinery available. It covers six acres of ground and has 1000 feet of water front on Salmon Bay, just above the government locks connecting Lake Washington and the Sound. The A. Gulowsen A.S. of Christiania, Norway, was established in Kristiania and placed its first marine engines on the market in 1902. The company centered all its efforts on quality and service and has grown to be the largest marine engine factory in Norway. It has perfected an engine, embodying strength and reliability in its every feature. The company has simplified its design and has made "economy" its watchword of operation. That the efforts of the company have been appreciated, is evidenced by the fact that there are more "G. G." engines in use among the fishing and work-boat fleets of Norway and of Northern Europe than of any other make of engine. The Gulowsen Grei heavy oil engines have been awarded the first prize in every exhibition wherein they have been entered in competition with other makes of engines. The Christiania plant at present has a capacity of 15,000 b. h. p. a year. The Seattle factory has the same capacity. The Seattle factory is manufacturing 80 b. h. p. and 240 b. h. p. engines, and patterns are being made for the 360 and 540 b. h. p. sizes. 

Eksterne investorer nedskrev aksjene til 0 i 1921.

Gulowsen Sales Corp.

New York

1920 - Registrert varemerke

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Gulowsen Grei reklame fra 1919
Gulowsen Grei reklame
1919 GG Engine
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