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Buffalo Gasoline Motor Company var en amerikansk produsent av biler og motorer i Buffalo (New York).


Firmaet ble stiftet i 1899, med en aksjekapital på 25 000 dollar. De som var med å stifte var Louis Langen, Belle L. Conrad og Louis A. Fisher. Til å begynne med konsentrerte bedriften seg om å produsere motorer, men bilbasillen sprellet såpass livlig at de i 1901 begynte å utvikle en bil.

The entry into the automotive production was rather unconventional: They built house 7 bhp four-cylinder engines in specially developed chassis and delivered the unit as a "semi-finished" from. Acquiring the body and components such as fuel and water tank was incumbent on the customer. This sale concept was little success. Buffalo tried it the following year with a complete car. [1]

Only two units were completed before the company was sued by the Electric Vehicle Company (EVC) beginning in 1903. As the owner of the Selden patent these monitored over who could produce cars and that royalties were paid.

Buffalo applied subsequently to such a license and received it too, but decided to completely abandon the auto industry. Business with gasoline engines was subsequently quite good and the company moved to larger premises in the same year. [1]

1906 was taken over by the lawyer and inventor George B. Selden, who had the patent originally filed and EVC legally represented. He wanted to build under his own name automobiles and commercial vehicles and reorganized the company as Selden Motor Vehicle Company in Rochester (New York). [2] From 1907 to 1912, created automobiles; thereafter until 1930 commercial vehicles were produced.

Das Unternehmen wurde 1899 mit einem Aktienkapital von US$ 25.000 ins Leben gerufen. Partner waren Louis Langen, L. Belle Conrad und Louis A. Fisher. Bis 1901 beschränkte sich das Unternehmen auf die Herstellung von Motoren.[1]

Von 1907 bis 1912 entstanden hier Automobile; danach wurden bis 1930 Nutzfahrzeuge hergestellt.


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