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1910 — 1911 E4F (F 1244) 70 PS

The E4F was one of the first aircraft engines marketed by Daimler. It was a 6.35 litre engine used in German military Rumpler Taube aircraft. The earlier version of the engine had a single magneto for ignition whilst the later version had dual magnetos with dual spark plugs

Type E4F. The four-cylinder vertical Mercedes engine with 120 mm. (4.72 in.) and 140 mm. (5.51 in.) bore and stroke, and a total displacement of 385.64 cu. in., was rated at 70 h.p. The engine actually developed 60 h.p. at 1200 r.p.m. and 70 h.p. at about 1350 r.p.m., and was said to consume on an average .53 lbs. of fuel per h.p-hr. and .033 lbs. of oil per h.p-hr. The weight was reported to be 308 lbs., or 4.4 lbs. per rated h.p.