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Mercedes OM 632 (Klippet fra Youtube)
Mercedes OM 632 (Klippet fra Youtube)

Mercedes-Benz OM 632

DB OM 632.jpg
Damler-Benz OM 632
Motor OM 632
Variant 632.910 632.911 632.912
Vekt tørr 134 Kg
Byggeår -
Ytelse 19,5 Hk @ 3000 o/min
Dreiemoment kgm @ o/min
Innsprøytning Forkammer
Sylindre R2
Slagvolum 833,5 cm³
Borring 75 mm
Slag 100 mm
Kompresjon 19:1
Turbo Nei
Ladeluftkjøler Nei
Kjøling Vann
Innsug åpner - før ØD
Innsug stenger - etter ND
Eksos åpner - før ØD
Eksos stenger - etter ND
Klaring innsug 0,20 mm - kald
Klaring eksos 0,25 mm - kald
Tenningsrekkefølge 1-2
Dieselpumpe Bosch PES 2A 50 C320 LS 1224
Dysespiss Bosch
Stempelhastighet 10 m/s
Startmotor 12V
Produksjonssted Werk Dusseldorf

OM 636/2

Fra en pressemelding

With its output of 17 hp at 2700 rpm, this engine is the 2-cylinder variant of the OM 636, which is used as a 4-cylinder engine in many hundreds of thousands of examples all over the world. Around 75% of the components are interchangeable with those of the OM 636. The arrangement of the entire fuel injection system on one side of the Motors simplifies maintenance and accessibility. With an average pressure of almost 6 kg/cm and an exhaust gas temperature of 460 Celcius at full load operation, this engine will have a service life that is just as long as the 4-cylinder version. The OM 636/2 has a wide range of possible applications. More and more refrigerated containers are being used by rail, land, waterway and sea. Because of the small loading volume, one is sufficient for the containers. smaller cooling capacity. However, a drive motor with a long service life is absolutely necessary for the long transport times.

Other areas of application include pumps, forklifts, small units, auxiliary drives for sailing yachts, in short where small space and high performance are required.

Daimler Benz OM 632 er en 2 sylindret utgave av OM 636. Mercedes-Benz OM632